Good results at both the IBC and ASBU exhibitions have offered a lot of opportunities for DistriConnect. To serve our new customers better, even outside the Broadcasting industry, asked for more focus on the customer demands. We are now capable of offering the first industrial router with full eUICC SIM support. The Portal, the SIM infrastructure and the routers, these all will integrate as one service platform.

The eUICC SIM -not only- for Broadcasting has been first introduced by DistriConnect. check our menu (top right)

Global Availability

DistriConnect has established a best-of-breed partner network around the globe, through which it can offer connectivity in over 200 countries.


DistriConnect offers tailor-made solutions required by our customers. We utilize best-of-breed 4G networks, resulting in high bandwidth, low latency and high availability. 3G is offered where necessary.


DistriConnect offers unlimited mobile data, voice and text globally, at a flat rate where possible and still at a low price!


DistriConnect solutions work in various products of a wide variety of manufacturers. Everywhere where data, voice and text messages have to be processed DistriConnect offers quality connectivity going hand in hand with lowering operational costs.


DistriConnect focusses on international operating businesses where quality mobile broadband data is key. Cruises, Luxury Yachts, Hospitality at Sea, Offshore, Heavy Industries at sea and at land, used for critical data as well as leisure. Healthcare, Broadcasting, Digital Signage, etc. You name it.


DistriConnect welcomes Resellers from around the globe. Tap into our top of the world network and realize for yourself the best position on the starting grid. Team with us and make a jumpstart in the booming mobile broadband markets. We can offer you the best of breed tools. Don't wait any longer.

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