Worldwide Services

In a 24 hours economy being online is becoming increasingly important. This is even more important for situations where a large group of people need connectivity for professional or leisure purposes. Communication, being either data or voice, passes frontiers. Business and leisure are not tied to just one location, it requires often an international presence.

Telecommunication is traditionally local country oriented, rooted in structures that go back more than 100 years. In the rapidly transforming mobile marketplace the accent shifts to global solutions.

Therefore it is important to team up with a partner that has the right approach to these demands. At least one step ahead of the competition with our highly advanced global solution. Get in touch with us to know more about our offer.


Redundant & Quality Performance

This presence has to be supported by premium connectivity. This is in our vocabulary: the best possible bandwidth at any given location, any time. You can rely on that.

Network operators share their resources with partners and competition. End users cannot influence the quality of the connectivity. Only the partners or competition with a bulk load of volume can carry out this, in that priority order. Being a partner instead of competition guarantees quality performance for our customers.

Multiple operators in countries will result in local redundancy eliminating white spots. Multiple operators are often standard, but not everywhere available. This is continuous work in progress. When specific demands by our clients we can do specific operators added to our solution where required.