The availability of mobile data has changed the way we work, communicate and interact in the recent years. The Internet of People has shown the power of globally available connectivity. Now the Internet of Things (IoT) is coming. All kind of devices will become internet endpoints and need connectivity to be operated in a M2M environment of man monitored and controlled environment.

However also many volume data consumers demand mobile broadband high bandwidth availability. Everywhere, guaranteed, Period. DistriConnect has created an ecosystem of local partnerships that provides the best possible connectivity and bandwidths.


Rivercruises, Sea cruises, anywhere where hospitality ‘at water’ is an issue, high volume bandwidth is vital. Especially the marine market can benefit from our partners router solutions that can offer up to 35 km from the coastline guaranteed real high-speed 4G connectivity. About 80% of the seagoing traffic is in that reach, resulting in an impressive reduction of satellite¬† data costs. In this way we can help many organisations operating in these coastline operations like off-shore, dredging, pilots, tugboat, etc. Coastal services realize massive reductions in operational costs, either being made for the real operations or for leisure.


On the landside we can help in other markets like Broadcasting (3G/4G), Ad-hoc Video Surveillance for all sorts of purposes, but also Bus/Coach companies travelling long-distances through Europe.


Video control is a widely used method in security measure. Think about CCTV for surveillance, crowd management and such. Especially during ad-hoc situations it is important that services will continue, reliable, where these will later replaced by more enduring solutions like WiFi or fixed lines. Even at locations where no options for a more fixed way of connectivity is possible our solutions will show to be a valid alternative.

IoT (Internet of Things)

THE Buzzword of IT industry. 3 years ago nobody knew anything about this, now everybody is an expert. Not entirely so. M2M, IoT it is al a matter of evolution. IoT has become an important business factor because of the availability of connectivity everywhere. Many types of connectivity are possible: local and remote, like fixed, WiFi, Bluetooth, Long Range (LoRa) and Mobile Broadband. If this latest is important to you, than we are your partner since we can connect all devices around the globe in one package. Don’t even imagine the effort and time it is consuming to realize this in the highly dispersed environment of worldwide telecoms. There might be a chance that new IT evolution is overtaking you on the slow lane whilst you are still working on getting things realized in your connectivity needs. Or.. one call to us and in a couple of days things can be fixed.

Other use cases:

But don’t forget international business men who can use a MiFi router to make a secure connection to the HQ data centre instead of the VPN client at the laptop which is often a helpdesk nightmare to support the people at the other side of the world when something is going wrong.

Many of the above described companies still don’t see Mobile Data as a good alternative for leisure purposes. However experiences with our services as well as the equipment of our partners has shown that the connectivity is of such high standards that operational services can make use of it as well. Of course every user has to decide for himself, we only want to show that technology has advanced beyond expectations of the customers. Get in touch with us and we can help you with these kind of questions. This is our day-to-day business in this fast changing world.

The DistriConnect offer is a tailor-made mobile broadband solution, adapted to your specific demands. Haute couture, no confectionery, yet for fashionable pricing.

The digital divide starts here!