DistriConnect has introduced the eUICC SIM at the IBC2017 (09-2017) in Amsterdam

The eUICC SIM revolutionizes the mobile business in the same way as the mobile phone did to our lives and UMTS (3G) did to ‘being online’. DistriConnect is the first telecomms company that is capable of offering a practical usable eUICC SIM and can show this to selected clients.

Special for the IBC2017 we have created a dedicated SIM with an optimized profile for professionals in the  Broadcasting Industry.


Because of our ability to manipulate the SIM in every way we want we also took the liberty to amend the operator identification to show that this SIM is dedicated designed for the broadcasting industry to be released at the IBC2017 in Amsterdam.

Therefore the SIM presents itself with a modified network string.

The real magic is ofcourse ‘behind the curtains’. We have two broadcast market optimized profiles on this SIM configured. When inserted it automatically connects to a local network that is selected from the primary profile. In the Netherlands this is KPN, as shown in the pictures. In Germany it could be T-Mobile, in the UK EE, in France Bouygues, etc. etc.

The magic is in the switching to a secondary profile when other operator networks are available and this activation of a secondary profile will again be indicated by the different network ID in the top bar.

When your equipment is capable of allowing SMS text messages the switching of the profiles can be done remotely, on demand. So if you think another network -in another profile- offers a better performance you can switch the networks as you like.

As such it acts as a Multi-IMSI SIM, but without removing the SIM to select another profile. Or it acts as a kind of Virtual SIM solution (either local or through the cloud) which offers an automatic selection of the SIM’s based on specific conditions. However a cloud SIM has serious legal challenges.

And the cream of the cake is that it connects to any operators network at a blazing speed! Just insert it and within a minute there is a 4G data connection. No APN configured, no special tricks, just insert it and you’ll be connected in a couple of moments. I have never seen a roaming SIM solution connect this fast to local networks.

If you are interested in our offer, what we can do for the Broadcasting Industry, Shipping market, Transport, Logistics, just fill in the Contact form and we get in touch with you asap!

If you are running a business that needs an independent mobile communications solution where ever on this globe, we are your partner to select.

DistriConnect is the first mobile communications company that can offer you the eUICC SIM and the required tools as well, like the Subscription Manager, to step into this exiting new future.