Good connectivity is as important for any mobile data product as oxygen for life. One without the other will not work.

There are many products like smartphones, laptops, tablets, mobile routers, etc. that have propelled this market of mobile data connectivity. However we move into an entire new world where many (new) devices will be connected to make life much more comfortable at any place and time.

DistriConnect works on partnerships with manufacturers, distributors and product resellers to have their products based on our connectivity solutions where both parties can benefit, like a form of symbiosis.

Some of our partners are:

  • AirBridge: a router capable of aggregating multiple 4G links to offer an redundant, high bandwidth, low latency, secure link over the internet to a datacenter. The AirBridge router will automatically roam over multiple wireless and wired infrastructures ranging from satellite to even fixed line connections, all based on latency criteria.
  • Nomadizer: Global 4G MiFi routers. A MiFi router that enables 4G connectivity around the globe is one. But the MiFi router will never bloom if this doesn’t go hand in hand with a mobile broadband connectivity solution that supports the technical capabilities of these MiFi routers. Visit their website at