Telecommunications companies were traditional local focused companies. The world has become a global marketplace and requires a global perspective from clients and suppliers. In telecomms it is common practice to charge each other of making use of each others resources and infrastructures. Quite normal business practice.

For the best tariffs it is therefore a must to get as close as possible to the source and leave as much as possible intermediates out of the transportation process. Only when you work with the best possible partners you are able to present the best possible tarrifs around.

In the new reality of the IoT era it is prudent to be able to dynamically assign local profiles to the SIM to assure the best tariffs and performances available for global operating users.

DistriConnect has invested in the required partnerships over the recent years as well as the required infrastructure to be able to combine the Profiles, IMSI’s and the SIM’s to a working solution. Anywhere, anytime.