DistriConnect offers high speed bandwidth globally to all types of connected devices.

This is achieved by the SIM -in any form factor- being inserted in these devices. However this process will dramatically change in the nearby future. Devices will be produced with a new type of SIM already inside. This creates a serious challenge to operators: how to activate a SIM and assign it a phone number and the required profile when it is already out in the field?

There are new services required to face this challenge. The subscription manager is key in this process. A SIM already out in the field will be activated and assigned over-the-air its profile and IMSI by the subscription manager, which is vital for continuation of future services. The old SIM will become obsolete and in a growing number of instances the new eSIM will take over its position.

The subscription manager and the access to many IMSIs and profiles from a plethora of operators around the globe will enable new services and address new challenges and opportunities of the dramatically changed environment.

DistriConnect and its partners are ready for both the traditional and the future connectivity opportunities.