Subscription Manager (in detail)

The traditional SIM is a hardware device (yes, it has even a small computer in it) that contains the subscription details. Technology advances and as such it was imminent that there was a serious demand for change. The logistics, the physical size and the limitation to subscription variations with just one SIM card made the market demands to find answers for this.

That has happened in the form of the eUICC ‘SIM’. The physical (hardware) SIM will become an embedded chip, placed during the manufacturing process. And this also solved the ‘size’ issue because it is now only limited by the physical size of the chip (and that can be very very small).

It introduced a new issue of getting the subscription details (profile) on the SIM when this is not in your hands anymore. Therefore the Subscription Manager was invented, an extremely complex piece of software that takes care of 2 major tasks.

  • storing the profile on any embedded SIM, everywhere in the world.
  • maintaining the complex security mechanisms around the SIM technology

To be 100% correct, the subscription manager consists of 2 main parts that work together. The SM-DP and SM-SR. Data Preparation; the manipulations of profiles for the eUICC SIM and Secure Router; taking care of the remote (OTA) secure storing, modifying, deleting of profile(s) upon the eUICC SIM device.

And suddenly it is possible to modify, add, delete subscription information at any given moment without changing the ‘SIM’ anymore. Maintaining the same basic technology in securing communications links between device and the operators but adding a whole new level of flexibility to this process will revolutionize the telecom industry in the same way as 3G was a boost to all new types of services.

4G and the embedded SIM technology will bring IP in every part of this process and this will support the development of new customer demands which ask for new services and new market approaches.

DistriConnect is among the first companies globally to operate the subscription manager and this will enable our clients with a new level of flexibility and control in their communications demands. IoT, Transport & Logistics, Broadcasting, Shipping, Utilities etc. We are ready!